Arran Rogerson is a writer, consultant, and coach. He teaches workshops on shadow work, self-discipline, and the creative process and works with individuals and organizations towards discovering a meaningful philosophy of life, achieving goals, and developing their creative craft.
Through his YouTube channel, Substack, and Podcast he provides tools for self-development and furthers the conversation on the psychology, philosophy, and mythology that underlie our modern experience, media, and social trends.
To stay up to date on Arran's work, follow him @arranrogerson.


"At a time when it seems like everything around us has been engineered to make following our pathologies as easy as possible, Arran is part of the vanguard that is demonstrating that cultivating wisdom can be competitive in the marketplace of our attention. He facilitates self-discovery and growth in a way that is immediately engaging, innovative, and dare I say, fun."
-Brandon Dayton, Writer and Comic Book Artist

"Arran is a seeker. He is someone who restlessly seeks the truth, along with what lurks behind every shadow. His fire in the belly is evident. And what is equally evident is his incredible generosity with invoking a fire within others."
-Peter Limberg, Entrepreneur and Steward of TheStoa.ca